About this Healing and Ceremony


My 'work' is a blend of ceremony, creativity and healing of who we are on Earth at this time. Much of what I do is with the natural world yet I do offer Shamanic Healing to one or two people a month. By its nature this can take place where ever you are in the world. Read here for more on Shamanic Healing. 

I call my work 'Mammormatters' as Mam ('mother' - British) Mor ('mother' - Nordic) Matters (that which is of matter and does matter to us living now) explores our relationship with the womb, tomb and birther aspects of our selves and our lives. 

Whilst Shamanic Healing is open to all regardless of gender, some work I offer is very specific to women's experience. Read more here.

Mother Earth is the mother of our mother and her mother before her; its as ancient as it gets. Our life narrative with how we nurture and 'mother' ourselves, how we are with our own birth mother and with our planetary Earth mother weaves through our lives affecting how we perceive ourselves, others and life itself.


There is a thread through time and space which connects us to all life.


By healing ourselves, healing the blips, losses, glitches and traumas of our life stories we begin to heal the trauma experienced by Mother Earth.


Through celebrating our joys we create a beautiful new story, a new Earth. 

About Sue


As a mother and grandmother of children big and small, and a daughter of Mother Earth, I see - as many of us do - that much is at stake at this time for us and all species, in this moment and for generations yet to be born.  Our home planet Earth has and is an innate intelligence that our lives both depend on and are woven through. 

For many years I worked within a variety of education settings (at times with very young children, at others with round and uniquely shaped peg in square hole youth) and community work (on behalf of and with women and families). The wonder of creativity and awe of being in nature time and again bringing solace to the most challenging of situations and affirming the joy of being alive.


Over the years I have interacted with people, animals, plants, the land, and spirit through various practices and modalities including Forest School, Reiki, Reflexology, Metamorphic Technique and Soul Plan Reading. I now act, when appropriate, as a guide to healing and ceremony through Shamanic Practice.  This work is as effective through distance healing as in person.

If you are drawn to work with me, start with a message to me through my contact page. I reply to all authentic enquiries, although due to the nature of my work it may take a day or two for me to do so. Thank you.

Sue Rose-Gold Gould 


What people say:


"I turned to Sue for help during a difficult time. Her insightful, inner knowing, which she graciously shared with me, helped me to deal with the issue. Gracie and I are very grateful for her guidance and help in beginning the process needed to heal ourselves. I can't recommend Sue highly enough."    

"A Heartfelt thank you to Sue for her support. Sue's shamanic journey on my behalf was incredibly insightful and gave me the tools needed to help me navigate the difficult issue that life presented me with."

Shamanic Healer / Practitioner

I apprenticed with Suzi Crockford, my teacher for core shamanism and ancient ways, whose teaching is a deep weave with the land that we are.

Reiki Master Teacher

Reiki with Horses

Soul Plan Reader

Metamorphic Technique Practitioner 

My teacher: Gaston Saint-Pierre (1940 - 2011) 

founder of the Metamorphic Technique.

Dip Reflex

Esoteric Healing Parts I and II


Hon BEd

Cert Ed

Forest School Leader

Artist and Musician