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 Celebrating Life 

This is an Invitation to all who love the natural world and animals to honour and celebrate Life of Earth.

Celebrating Life Activity e-book

Finding your way to Celebrate Life

An interactive six-week self-guided invitation to re-engage our relationship with the natural world through our sense awareness.


Celebration Ceremony

Each Full Moon I hold a Celebration Ceremony for Animals and all Nature. 

Here I celebrate current generations, future generations and the ancestors of those living now and yet to come.

 I Invite you to find your own ways to Celebrate Life. To create your own ceremony.

Maybe through natural art, singing to trees, quietly smiling to the sky!

Any way that is filled with Heart and Gratitude for the Beauty of all Species and Life on Earth.

These can be stressful times and we can alleviate that by acknowledging the beauty of life with thanks and joy.

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An Invitation to Celebrate Life

Celebrating the Natural World - which we are as much a part of as any plant, animal, bird, fish, insect or amphibian - is a positive and beautiful way for any of us to do something simple and honourable towards setting intention for restorative, continuing, flourishing, healthy Life on Earth for all species. 

The more positive messages and stories we can send out with our heartful intentions for life

the quicker the fearful stories will be transformed for the benefit of all.

Let's Celebrate Life!

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