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Lionhearted Soul Seeds
is an offering from my soul to yours through the unconditional love of Source Spirit.

I have recently been described by others as a 'creative communicator', a 'shamanic celebrant for birth, life and death', a 'teacher', a 'healer'.

I am also a daughter, a mother, a grandmother, a companion to animals, a partner, a friend living my soul purpose as best I can. Here is a little more about my journey .


Lionhearted Soul Seeds is an offering that has been created for you to explore in your own space and time. It comes from my well as a teacher, a writer, an artist and a healer for the benefit of all beings.

I was born into a world of sacred healing through my father's work. I accompanied him throughout my childhood as a small child through to adolescence with early memories of witnessing last rites at four years old through to him dowsing with hazel to find best burial spots with the gravedigger, to a range of people and life experiences arriving at our home distressed and leaving more at peace. I also inherited his and his family's love of animals. Both my parents shared with us their love of nature and deep respect for relieving human suffering. Of course I have found my own and different way from these foundations.

As a Shamanic Healer / Practitioner I apprenticed with Suzi Crockford, my teacher for shamanism and ancient ways, whose teaching is a deep weave with the land that we are. In addition, over many years and out of interest in the subject and to deepen my awareness, I have attended workshops and received teachings from several other shamanic practitioners including an Ecuadorian indigenous shaman.


I had my own Soul Plan read by Roger Hanson in 2011. Soon after this I was taught by him to an advanced level. Since then, I have been sharing the insights Soul Plan has to offer.

Over the years I have practiced Reiki as a Reiki Master and as a Practitioner. I have offered Reiki to animals in rescue and rehoming centres and through private consultation. I continue to offer Reiki to both animals and people as and when I am called to do so. I am currently not holding any Reiki workshops, although if you are working at an animal sanctuary or similar and wish to be attuned to Reiki do contact me.

Both the Trust Technique and AnimalTalkAfrica have assisted my listening and communication skills with animals. AnimalTalkAfrica works alongside the Global White Lion Protection Trust. I have Animal / Interspecies Communication certification to Intermediary Level with AnimalTalkAfrica and am an active member of the ATA HEART Pride.

As a Teacher, I worked for many years in the education sector in a variety of establishments as well as in community development for families. This included setting up and running family groups for babies, young children and their carers, teaching teenagers who didn't fit easily into the system and teaching other teachers child-centred education pedagogy. For a number of years I also led self-development workshops, and supported international gatherings. In addition to being a fully qualified teacher I have an honorary degree in education - Hon BEd (awarded by Liverpool Hope University) and a BA.

After having been taught by Gaston St Pierre - founder of The Metamorphic Technique - for many years I offered the transformative benefits of this technique. It is a technique which is offered in person with another, which I am currently not doing. I was also involved with organising and running workshops at The Metamorphic Association's International Gatherings on a number of occasions.

Assisting animals with Reiki


"I turned to Sue for help during a difficult time. Her insightful, inner knowing, which she graciously shared with me, helped me to deal with the issue."


"Gracie and I are very grateful for her guidance and help in beginning the process needed to heal ourselves. I can't recommend Sue highly enough."  

"A Heartfelt thank you to Sue for her support. Sue's shamanic journey on my behalf was incredibly insightful and gave me the tools needed to help me navigate the difficult issue that life presented me with."

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