"A Heartfelt thank you to Sue for her support. Sue's shamanic journey on my behalf was incredibly insightful and gave me the tools needed to help me navigate the difficult issue that life presented me with."

For You

Whilst the shamanic work I am called to do is unique to each client, key themes that emerge include:

- assisting people to live their fullest potential 

- the interplay between people and the animals we live with

- birth and death in all their guises for people and animals

- the stages and cycles of women's lives

- our relationship with the natural world

My Story

I was born into a world through my dad's work where living with soul, healing and ceremony were everyday. From a very young age I was taken on home visits which ranged from sitting with the dying to compassionate practicality for people living with material and soul challenges. There were a lot of fun social events too! Inevitably when someone passed away their dog came home with dad so I grew up with the blatant and subtle experiences of what death can be and bring. I saw much of human and animal life, its pains as well as its joy and humour. We moved to the country when I was ten, with the chance for me to spend many Saturdays and holidays on a local farm with all the animals who lived there - and all the emotions the reality of that brought. Since those early days I continue to live with at least one cat and have found my own path and knowing with the assistance of many teachers - human and non-human. 

My life experiences are varied and grounded and, after training to teach, include making cheese on a farm, travelling, creativity in the arts and music, then many years within education - hands on with a range of ages and abilities of children and young people as well as training teachers, community development for families, practicing holistic therapies* for people and animals, having a family and all dove-tailing with sitting with spiritual and shamanic teachers from across the world.

In addition to facilitating wellbeing for individual clients, I have held workshops and written articles and other material for my own work as well as for organisations.

I now offer individual consultations with shamanic healing which by its nature can take place where ever you are in the world.


In my heart I sense that by healing ourselves, healing the blips, losses, glitches and traumas of our life stories we may also begin to heal the trauma experienced by our relationship with Mother Earth and so be of benefit for all other species who live here with us.


Through celebrating our joys we may create a beautiful new story, a new Earth for all future generations. 

Sue Rose Gould


Are you ready to take the next step?

As a Shamanic Healer / Practitioner I apprenticed with Suzi Crockford, my teacher for core shamanism and ancient ways, whose teaching is a deep weave with the land that we are.

*Over the years I have practiced Reiki (with people and animals) and as a Reiki Master have shared its wisdom with others. I have shared life purpose insights with people through Soul Plan readings and, having been taught by Gaston St Pierre - founder of The Metamorphic Technique, have offered the transformative benefits of this technique to many.

"I turned to Sue for help during a difficult time. Her insightful, inner knowing, which she graciously shared with me, helped me to deal with the issue."


"Gracie and I are very grateful for her guidance and help in beginning the process needed to heal ourselves. I can't recommend Sue highly enough."