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Soul Plan Reading

Who are you? We each come into this life, into this body for a reason. You aren't here by chance. Yet what is the reason for you being here - now? A Soul Plan Reading may assist you with your quest to know yourself better and to step up into your role for these times. Exploring challenges, talents and goals, A Soul Plan Reading is an aid to living your best life.

Soul Plan

What is it?

A Soul Plan reading looks at the sound resonance of your name, starting with your birth name. Other names you are known by can also be considered in follow on readings.
A Soul Plan shows the following: Challenges – life lessons; Talents – strengths and abilities; Goals – achievable outcomes, and Soul Destiny – our overall purpose and highest potential.

Soul Plan is based on the ancient wisdom of Gematria, with origins in the text of 'Sefer Yetzirah', and the Numerology of Moses through Frank Alper (1930 – 2007). 

Relevant to the 21st century, it has been further developed by Blue Marsden, founder of the Holistic Healing College. What is available to us today is a powerful and accurate tool which aids spiritual counselling, transformative healing and life purpose guidance.

The work of Soul Plan starts with the premise that our souls have incarnated into physical form to consciously and unconsciously experience all that being human offers in ways that are specifically relevant to each of us. There is no need to 'believe' in the system for it to act as a powerful guidance tool for life.

With the information of your Soul Plan chart, I support you through a life purpose counselling session to enable you to gain clarity relevant to you at this time.

Why use it?
Soul Plan is a system which can enlighten awareness of your life and its purpose in this life-time. It can answer questions about past, present and future potentials and experiences.

Used as a self development tool, it can add clarity at times of confusion or when choice is required at specific junctures within life's journey.

What's involved?
Having decided to have your Soul Plan read, please contact me to arrange a mutually agreeable time for your reading. 

We will then meet online for an informed and intuitive conversation which is unique to each person (regardless of name repetition, for example two 'Joe Brown's would have unique readings despite having similar charts). The Soul Plan reading will typically take an hour and half (90 minutes) to share with you, allowing time for reflection and consideration as individually appropriate. 

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