Soulful and Shamanic Healing, Guidance and Ceremony
Sue Rose Gould


We live in existential times of loss and rebirth.

We are on a threshold between worlds - old systems are failing life on Earth and we experience this as much within us as without. Yet these are also times to be celebratory and creative - times of love for life, starting with ourselves.

We are emerging, re-emerging into a life opportunity in which each of us can access our soul seed, the blueprint of who we are, full of innate intelligence of life.

Here, through shamanic healing and ceremony, you may be guided so that which has served you well enough up to this point may be honourably released, just as seed husks fall back into the ground, just as our out-breath returns to air.

So you may step into becoming the innate intelligence of who you truly are for these incredible times we are living through.

So the new-life birthing of your soul seed may play its part to sustain life for you now and for future generations.

It starts with us. It starts with your breath in this moment. It starts with saying hello: