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Solstice Seeds

Updated: May 11, 2021

The cloud hangs low across the land today.

A misty mesh weaving Earth with Sky.

The spiders' webs hang as hammocks in the hedges. Glistening with the fine droplets of cloud, reminiscent of yester-evening's clear night-sky of stars.

Mud fastens boots to underlying rock as easily as the puddles wash away the last step, as if I were a Cailleach walking from puddle-y pool to puddle-y pool. Never taking the essence of one place on to the next. Which is probably a good idea right now, on this zenith day of stillness between one year and the next; between one astrological age and the next; between one world of our knowing to the next.

Apparently, beyond the cloud and in the dark, two solar planets have come close enough to each other, as they have come before, to suggest to some wise ones of a previous time - and in this - that the birth of a new consciousness of Light and Love could be imminent.

I like to think we can see such bright optimism and hold such an intent now as these two court each other in the uncertain dance and twirl of time.

Again we have choice. With so many muddy stories being screened to us we can choose to loose ourselves in the mire or step beyond and see through to the other side of whatever device of communication and expression we hold. We can choose to wash away all traces of fear so to open our hearts with love.

When all appears to be spinning out of control outside of us we are well placed to set our inner compass. Still yourself and find yourself.

The midwinter solstice sun sits a day or two or three, as if waiting for us to catch up with the possibility that we really can intend to create an unfolding future of well-being for all we love.

And as above, so below.

I break open a wild hedgerow apple, and there it is: The Star.

This one I can see; neither hidden by cloud or dark sky. Here it is, the midwinter gift of life to come. Each seed a potential tree of thousands of fruits; each fruit a potential tree of many more. Each fruit the potential nourishment of an other's life.

Here it is. Simply lying here. Easy to take for granted. Usually thrown out, discarded, muddied, or not even seen.

Yet, just as with apple so with each one of us, at our very heart lie the seeds for our personal future and the future of all generations to come.

May the seeds of your heart flourish with love.

Happy Solstice.

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