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Water, Hear my Song

Water is our Life. It is a great timeless expanse of our past, our present, our future. It is where we came from, who we are now and holds the key to what is to come.

I feel using 'it' to speak of Water could give the impression that I am objectifying 'it'. We so often do, us humans. To many of us water is little more than a commodity. For some it is a commodity that very much falls into the profit or loss way of seeing the world. For all it is a state of survival and if we are fortunate or have put our hearts to the matter, it can be a state of thriving.

I'm using 'it' here for Water partly as I can't think what else to use. Language can be so limited, yet it need not be limiting. There is nothing of the duality of gender 'he' or 'she' with using 'it', and everything of 'all' at the same time. It is, again, the Yin and Yang of Life. Both neutral and natural it is the very structure of our cells, atmosphere, food...

There is another thing about language, it is our tool to state our intentions. And they, whilst needing to be clear and focused, can be limitless.

Standing with a waterfall I feel its visceral power sweep down through my hearing to my toes. The air vibrating with the ions and spray. Elemental movement rushing into my cells through my heart chakra down into my solar plexus and onward in all directions of my body. Each watery atom of my being singing with bliss at seeing itself in the mirror of sound that soaks it.

If we do not protect the Waters and the Sources of Water of this Earth we will not survive.

If we do, and we do it with heart-full intention, we can ensure that our future generations will thrive way beyond our imagination as part of a new earth opportunity that presents itself for green, blue life and joy.

Then the Whales come in, nudging me. They call me to listen to them, to how they are in the watery oceans of life. How they move with the waters, how they sing from their depths and breathe through their blow-holes. They call me to breathe with them, to sing with the waters of life as they do.

I set myself a task:

Taking the most living water at hand in my house, water that has been filtered and spiraled within a glass bottle to reawaken its life elements, I prepare for an active meditation. I pour this Living Water into a bowl of fine china and fill my being with the intention of Life for Future Generations - and then I slip into the ethereal waters with Whale and sing my intention, deep and sonorous, and blow-hole my breath to this Water. I sing as though no one is listening - except Water. I sing and breathe the song of my intentions for a beautiful living earth for my children and children's children into the waters of life, onwards into the future.

And then I take this sung-into-water out into nature and gift it to the Wind and Earth with a thanks from heart for the listening.

I invite you to do the same, or similar. Create your own intentions for Life, sing from deep in your being and breathe your life force into the water you cup in your hands. Together we can create a most beautiful future for all our children and grandchildren, for all species of life on earth, with assistance from the ancient wild ones of nature and our heart felt intentions.

We are being asked, so asked, to take notice of Water and Life and do our part to protect what must be so for future generations to thrive. Creation comes through playfulness - so be playful. Be as a tumbling waterfall or as a tiny mist of spray. It can start with a bowl of water filled with your tune and your breath and your life. Water will hear and respond.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Aug 23, 2021

Thank you for your beautiful words about water and yes - how uplifting to stand beside a waterfall and walk along a rushing stream.... and you remind me to drink water from my "structuring" gadget... and today we are sitting in the clouds! Love Rosa

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