Water's Well

Coming together with Sound and Intention to Manifest Healing 

As we heal the emotional and physical waters of our selves

we heal the waters of Earth.

As we heal the waters of Earth

we heal the waters of our selves.

By the Water


I am sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

I love you

Saying these words out loud and gently to water with heart felt intention and sincerity is transformative.

Ho'opponnopono is an ancient Hawaiian Healing method for reconciliation. 

Sing to Water

Find your 'Hum' to voice your heart felt intentions for clean water and to clear pollutants both within your body and within and across Earth.

Read Water, Hear my Song blog.

Man standing by the Ocean
Water Droplets

Water and the Wheel of the Year

Starting where I have begun this - at Autumn Equinox 2021 - at each of the eight stages of the Wheel of the Year (Solstices, Equinoxes plus Beltane, Imbolc, Lammas and Samhain) simple ceremonies with Water are offered for you to do. Join me in Spirit and Heart.

Touching the Surface

This Month's Action

As the new year of 2022 is birthed it feels appropriate that the Water's Well action for this month is about waters of birth. In remote areas of the world safe birth can be a challenge. Safe delivery for both mother and baby is not so easily to be expected as it is in areas of the world where health care is more easily accessible.  This project, One Heart Worldwide, is working to ensure safe motherhood in remote areas of Nepal.

Ensure Safe Motherhood for Women in Rural Nepal - GlobalGiving



Action of Previous Months:

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