Water's Well

Coming together with Sound and Intention to Manifest Healing 

As we heal the emotional and physical waters of our selves

we heal the waters of Earth.

As we heal the waters of Earth

we heal the waters of our selves.

By the Water


I am sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

I love you

Saying these words out loud and gently to water with heart felt intention and sincerity is transformative.

Ho'opponnopono is an ancient Hawaiian Healing method for reconciliation. 

Sing to Water

Find your 'Hum' to voice your heart felt intentions for clean water and to clear pollutants both within your body and within and across Earth.

Read Water, Hear my Song blog.

Man standing by the Ocean
Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

Water's Well Community

Alone we can feel lost with the overwhelm at the state of things. Together we can find support and support each other. Together we can amplify our intentions for clean living water for ourselves and future generations of all species. 

Links to Inspire

Many wildlife organisations and environmental organisations have information about water. Here are a couple of links showing what some are doing to restore the Waters of this Beautiful Planet:

The Ocean Cleanup

Nonprofit Environmental Organization | Ocean Blue Project

Touching the Surface

This Month's Action