Water and the Wheel of the Year

This project began at Autumn Equinox 2021 and is unfolding through the year:

Autumn Equinox

Whether in your own space or as part of a like-hearted group, with a sense of community we can amplify our gratitude to Water.

Water: I Thank You.

Sing it. Hum it. Breathe it silently out with your breath. As Summer recedes and Autumn draws us in, thank the essential role water has played within plants that have gifted us food and flowers that have gifted us joy.

Follow your intuition, trust your innate intelligence, it is a thread in the web of Gaia, Terra Mater. Complement your sounding and intention with bowls, bells and drums (I used Koshi Bells so plants could feel the vibration of gratitude to Water as part of the four elements) yet what is really gorgeous and from our heart-filled lungs is to Sound your Gratitude with your Breath. 



This time of year we start to retreat, to go inwards. The growing dark invites us to rest and reflect. It is time to water the inner seeds harvested from all that has grown in life up to this point. Then let them be and, like us, rest a while.  For those seeds of our life we no longer need, release them. Let the autumn rains cleanse them and bury them in the earth to be transmuted.


Samhain is the time to honour those who have lived before us.

I feel drawn to Rain Water I collected overnight and with my heart-filled breath hum into it an honouring of those who have lived before us. I hold in vision the ancient rocks, our mineral ancestors, the ancestors of our bones and ancient mothers of this Land that grounds and homes me here and us, wherever we are.

I shall take this heart-hummed-into water to a place where our human activity has polluted Water, to play my small alchemical part restoring life where human interference has stifled it.


Winter Solstice

This is the time of year when the sun seemingly pauses in its path for a day or two. For weeks darkness seems to have increased by the hour.  We have burrowed down, hibernated, maybe even decorated our burrows with light, looking forward to festivities based on happy times past and those yet to come.

In the far north it truly is dark. No sun for weeks on end. Keeping one's spirits up is threaded with the knowing of ancient story, told as our ancestors gathered for collective warmth around fire.

For Biewe, the Sun - whose daughter is  Beaivi-nieida, the sun maiden - door frames were buttered to entice her warmth and light back. Butter, glowing yellow as the sun itself, to feed her, strengthen her so fertility and plant life for herds and humans will return. Sacrificing, no doubt, the last of the summer's produce with the intention that herds would graze well once again as the sun grew high in the sky, as the cold abates and warmth flows through once more. 

Whatever darkness appears to be creeping into the spirit of humanity these winter days, the sun in our hearts can rise again. Density is falling away to be transmuted, the dark has its job to do as all that rots in the ground does.  Let it fall through the web of light that weaves life through our hearts. We can rise high in our skies, glowing once more.


This is a time to be aware of the dark as much as the light. Water acts as a mirror revealing that one shows us the other. We can each honour this through a simple ceremony of


Love and Gratitude to Life which runs through us as Water.

Maybe all we need to do right now is to take a bowl of drinking water in our hands and offer love to Water as we receive its life-giving wonder with thanks. Speak it, sing it from your Heart, whisper it on your Breath and drink it into your Being.