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Snowy Mountain Sunset

Lionhearted Soul Seeds


Inspirational Seeds for your Lionhearted Soul

to Celebrate Life 


Courage and Heart

Lionhearted Soul Seeds are resource offerings to assist you create peace and celebration.

To be lionhearted is to live with courage and heart - to live with love and compassion - for ourselves as well as for all species with whom we share this beautiful planet.


We are, as we know, in truth 'One'.

That is, our true essence transcends all physical and non-physical forms that we know of and are aware of.

Yet here we are - living in diverse organic forms on a physical planet.

Here we are experiencing challenges and joys and doing the best we can, moving from trust to absolute knowing that when the fog lifts our ultimate experience is peace.

May these seeds offered here grow beautiful life for you.

Planting a Tree_edited.jpg

Honouring our Birth

Being born is a key experience in our life.

We wouldn't be here without it!

Yet we pay it hardly any attention.

Here is a simple yet profound ceremony you can do for yourself to honour your own birth.

Celebrating Life

How amazing is this! You are alive. 

There is nothing airy-fairy about this.

We experience 'life' through a vast range of events and emotions in a body and mind that is as versatile as it is vulnerable.

Our habits can hurt as much as heal - ourselves and all others we are sharing these experiences with.

When we celebrate we live courageously with love and compassion.

Here is a Soul Seed as a Free Course and another as an opportunity to listen and celebrate with animals.

Unicorn Costume

Honouring Death

Dandelion Parachute Seed_edited_edited.jpg

Death is inevitable.

Each death is unique and each an opportunity to honour a life lived.

Here are soul seeds to honour the lives of other species - whether wild nature or dearly loved animal companions - and a ceremony for your own use to honour the little and large deaths you experience in life.

All prepare us for our own inevitable passing.


Extras to dip in to:

Shamanic Drumming to assist your journeys and meditations. Listen with headphones for best experience.


Meditations to explore your relationship with the Elements.


Drumming 10 minsSue PG
00:00 / 10:39
Tigress and Cubs

Be Lionhearted
 your opportunity to give 

Geometric Lioness_edited.png

In reciprocity for these soul seeds you are invited to donate to the Global White Lion Protection Trust, a conservation NGO which leads the way with transformative initiatives that benefit people, land and animals.

The Celebrating Life free course invites donations for the Sumatran Orangutan Society through

Replanting Rainforest in Sumatra, Indonesia - GlobalGiving

Animals Speak

Voices for Change

is about deep listening to animals and other beings who have stepped up to assist at this time.

As we practice and develop our intuitive listening skills

individually and in community 

we can vision a bright considerate peaceful future for all life on Earth

that can and will manifest with love at its heart for all life.

Meeting Compassion - a bodhisattva story of a Prince and a Tigress.

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