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Cracking Extremes

These days it seems we are living in a crack in a time of extremes. Between a time of things past that we thought were ok - yet obviously weren't - and a time which on the face of it could be darkly hellish or light with love and joy. Yet maybe we are in a time which is cracking open something rather marvellous and new that until it hatches we cannot fully imagine.

For now we seem caught in a time of the black and white world of 'this' view or 'that', of 'for' or 'against', of 'right' or 'wrong', 'good for all' or 'good for none', of 'banned' or 'allowed', of 'sterile' or 'alive'. It seems that such a brittle approach to human doings leaves little space for the soupy spectrum of 'and' rather than 'or'.

Yin and Yang, Black and White are not so much opposites as complementary aspects of a Whole. They remind us we may truly benefit as we embrace the fulcrum of balance.

These two, as yin and yang of Horse, with their colouring, stance and balance, teach us.

As I stand with them they show me a simple truth: partnership. The 'grey' spectrum of both 'you' and 'me'. I watch the swish of tail flick flies off one horse's rump and in doing so benefit the other whose eyes are scattered with yet more flies. Each bringing ease to their own body and self whilst standing in balance with the other, and in so doing they each, and both, benefit. No forcing another to do anything against its will, no playing of games, just a knowing between them, a listening to each other. Gently yet firmly saying 'enough' to the irritant of Fly - whose life is also to be in balance. Symbiotic action, a reciprocity of sorts, a balance of action - all this language is no more or less than human intellect words attempting to speak the heart knowing of living in partnership - living with 'and' rather than 'or'.

Flies often fall into the 'bad', 'dark' opinion camp. Yet without them dung would not decompose and feed the soil, without which plants would not grow, light would not be transmuted to produce food for themselves, for you, me and all other living beings. Dark and light are in partnership for all of life and its little deaths.

Living life is our soul's partnership with matter and energy and all else we are in body to be, to experience, to benefit from and in turn be of benefit to.

Life, emerging from the dark cosmic womb of space becoming light via Sun's rays beaming toward Earth, this planet of plants. Plants, rooted in Dark Mother Earth, processing light in a way key to all organic life on Earth. We can no more pinpoint photosynthesis with the naked eye than we can any other transmutation of energy.

This is alchemy. Natural life alchemy. This process is the spectrum of the fulcrum, the balancing point between 'dark' and 'light'. The birthing crack between extremes. Dark alone and we are no more, light alone and we are no more. Yet within the balance of both, within the dabbled shade of light and dark, within the symbiotic breath, here we can focus our heart in partnership with the full spectrum of other living beings of Earth to hatch the most beneficial times for life.

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