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Voices For Change

Animals Speak - Humans Listen


Voices for Change is about deep listening to animals and other beings who have stepped up to assist at this time. As we practice and develop our intuitive listening skills individually and in community we can vision a bright considerate peaceful future for all life on Earth that can and will manifest with love at its heart for all life.

We are living through a time which has many unsettling narratives. Many of us want it to be different. We want change. But 'change' to what? What is it that we actually want?

If we know what we don't want, what is it we do want? 

Yes, something easier to live with than we are currently experiencing... yet what does this actually look like? To know where we are going is to find the treasures of life that it is possible for us to experience.

Step on to the quantum map of possibilities! Listen to the voices and images of your heart - screen out all else. We have an idea where we have come from and where we are, yet where are we going? When we know where we are going we can start to consider how to get there considerately, kindly for all others travelling through life.

There is a famous Einstein quote saying that we can't solve a problem with the thinking that caused the problem. I suggest that as well as considering how we may think differently, we also take into consideration the thinking of animals other than ourselves. Together we can see and bring about solutions for the benefit of all. 

For us to truly realise a peaceful harmonious world for all living beings, we as humans must step up to vision beauty, peace, harmony.  We now have the opportunity to practice communication skills of listening to others and to be kind. This, in itself, can be transformational.


When we act with our heart we are able to create a wonderful life for ourselves and all we encounter. We can ensure a future based on unconditional love for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren - for our own families and for all families, human and other than human.

Animals Speak

Become an active participant in the web of life with animals.

Like many of us I am increasingly aware of the challenges we face - including through climate change, dynamic earth movement, human induced conflicts and loss of eco-systems. Challenges which are not only experienced by humans but all land, air, marine animals, all sentient beings.


I know we can empower ourselves and our young to be advocates for the natural world and all inhabitants of Earth. We have to step back from the delusion of thinking its all about us so we can listen to what others say and find solutions to explore and act on for a secure and sustainable future for all. 

All we need do is gently leave our minds and emotions safely with the door keeper as we enter the chamber of listening with our hearts.

Together we can do this.

We Hear and Act

These animals, Elephant and Lion, have already graciously shared insights for us to consider.


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