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Trinity Threads

The last weeks have been dark and awful for too many soul

The ways of forcing a belief, a conviction and conflict on others have set forth as a metaphorical dust storm across areas of this beautiful being that is Gaia. Many a sacred heart of those who walk this earth have been both scared and scarred.

Whilst fire storms rage in some places, hurricane wind and wet flood others, patriarchal pockets of humanity start to empty just as solar flares blast our atmosphere like a flock of Phoenix dissipating the dark to reveal more than we have eyes to see or mind to know, yet can sense in our hearts.

And then, at what seems like the midnight hour of an evacuation, on the eve of an unknown new day, a child is born - mid-air. Neither of this land or that, air-borne she is, at 30,000 feet. A girl-child. A gift of the Divine Feminine herself. Even the '3' within the height of the aeroplane which acted as the birthing pool, there is a reminder of the trinity - divine masculine, divine feminine, divine child. Even the 4 '0's seem as symbols, each of the four elements of earth, fire, water, air.

This extraordinary occurrence for an ordinary family is a reminder of the opportunity we each have in our ordinariness to birth something extraordinary in these challenging, shifting times. We too can transit from what no longer serves our divinity to find a land which will.

Threading our way here, travelling at jet-stream speeds, yet seemingly standing still, creating trails of angel-breath, we can thread our way with others who are also in transit to the 'new', to weave a beautiful life for all.

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